Book Club: Radical Candor Review by Alex Liebold, Development Director

Creatives get into their craft because they love to make things and feed off that flow from productive sessions. In team meetings, oftentimes, good creatives find themselves in increasingly more managerial roles that perhaps they haven’t been exposed to or prepared for. The catch-22 for most of us is that to progress in our field, we need to take on these positions despite getting into the arts for the very personal act of creation. I could go on, but the short of it is most of us need help to become a great team if we choose to accept the increased responsibilities. A recent text on this is Kim Scott’s Radical Candor that has excellent insight on building and maintaining exceptional teams of people. I highly recommend it for those seeking to become better leaders, or frankly, better co-workers.

Kim Scott’s Radical Candor: 

There is also a popular companion podcast: 

Published February 4, 2020
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